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      EDIT Design Inc is an independent kitchen design service firm offers inspiration and convenience.

Clients now require a kitchen design that is both aesthetic and practical. It is easy to create a pretty picture with those amazing computer software’s are available in these days but it takes true skill and experience to make that picture efficient and specified to the client’s lifestyle and budget.

Clients who choose our project management service enjoy the ultimate convenience of having an independent industry professional working directly for them, ensuring that standards are high and value is achieved. The level of personal service offered by EDIT Design Inc takes the stress and worry out of the entire process of buying a new kitchen, or renovating a bathroom or a basement.


We have the ability to adapt the functionality of any kitchen, bathroom and basement renovation to the Client’s individual lifestyle, taste, needs and budget. We offer the perfect kitchen design solutions to professionals and individuals. Our unique design packages make it easy to get started and stay on track throughout a remodel.

Our services are including full concept design for :   

     –          Custom Kitchen Design
     –          Bathroom Design and Remodel
     –          Basement Design and Remodel
     –          Home Office Design,
     –          Walk-in Closet Design,
     –          Wine Cellar Design,  
     –          Computer Visualization,
     –          Project Management,
     –          Research & Shopping.

If you are interested in this service then simply email us your floor plans or measurements accompanied with a wish list, providing us with as much detail as possible.

We will then email you a quotation based on the estimated amount of design time required to assist your requirements. A design package can be individually tailored to include line drawings, color perspectives, elevations, plans, component specification and even an estimated costing for the supply and fit of your design.

We will allow several alterations to the design as part of the initial quotation but this does not include redesigning the room to a different brief.


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