# 41

When it comes to kitchen renovation to establish the overall look and feel you’re after will make the final decision easier. The question is you want your new kitchen warm and relaxing, timeless and sophisticated, bold and trendy or energizing and lively?

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# 40

For a great custom kitchen you need to choose colors that work in harmony and you can live with and colors that support the mood you’re looking for.

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# 39

Why Cork? Cork is a renewable resource, harvested without harming the trees. Cork is durable, good to walk on, good insulation, versatile and beautiful.

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# 38

When you remodel your kitchen think about what you really need and what is in your budget.

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# 37

Reliable appliances are essentials in a well designed kitchen.

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# 36

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There are things you need, things you want and things that fit into the area your have.

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Kitchen Countertop

February 28, 2011 By In Kitchen Counter Tops No Comment

The choice is wide when it comes to deciding on your countertops. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Choose the one – beside the visual appeal – which is the most suitable for your lifestyle.

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# 35

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Todays kitchens are designed for living not just cooking. Kitchen has more function than any other room in the house.

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# 34

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A vent hood not just removes smoke and grease; it can create a focal point.

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# 33

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To make bathroom feel grater replace the shower curtain with a see-through shower door .

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